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It's Time for an Antibiotic Free Solution that Promotes Natural Immune Function in Animal Agriculture

The Invention

Cosabody was developed at UW–Madison when researchers found an effective way to use targeted antibodies to support a chicken's immune system against coccidiosis and related necrotic enteritis.

The Technique

Cosabody supports healthy flocks by tapping in to a natural model for immune health. We identify the antibodies, increase their production in hens, and process the eggs to be used as a feed ingredient.

Rapid Implementation

Because of the natural and precise model for immune support, a Cosabody operation can be effectively implemented in only 2 months.

Antibiotic Alternative

As the world shifts away from antibiotics in 2017, Cosabody is one of only a few actually effective alternatives in supporting healthy flock development.


Cosabody can be used for raising poultry, beef, swine, sheep, fish and other livestock.

The Cost

The antibody production costs are equivalent to antibiotics and chemical alternatives.

The nation's leading foodservice providers are already laying out their plans to the start using Antibiotic Alternatives in the Animal Industry!


"McDonald's U.S. division said . . . it would stop sourcing chickens raised with antibiotics within two years" - Fortune Magazine


"Our Commitment is to serve chicken raised without antibiotics in all Chick-Fil-A restaurants, nationwide, within five years." - Chick-Fil-A Website


"We're taking that a step further by sourcing 100% of our chicken from farms that raise them without antibiotics." - Chipotle Website

Panera Bread

"All of the chicken, roast turkey, sausage, and ham used in Panera Bread's salads and sandwiches are raised without the use of antibiotics." - Panera.com


research team

  • Dr. Carrie Cook, Ph.D.

    Dr. Carrie Cook comes to Ab E Discovery with a unique combination of aptitudes and experience that are exceptionally suited to the needs of this early-stage company.

    With degrees in Chemical Engineering from premier institutions, she has a strong academic foundation in both the physical and biological sciences and an engineer’s perspective on data and systems-wide optimization.

  • Dr. Mark Cook, Ph.D.

    Dr. Mark E. Cook received his Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition/Immunology from Louisiana State University in 1982. He then took a postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Dr. Milton Sunde at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Department of Poultry Science. He accepted a position as Assistant Professor at UW-Madison in 1983, became an Associate Professor in 1990 and a full Professor in 1992. He currently is on the faculty of the Department of Animal Sciences, directs the Poultry Research Institute at UW-Madison, and holds affiliate appointments in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Department of Food and Microbiology and the Center for Environmental Toxicology.

  • Dr. Christopher P. Salm, Ph.D.

    Christopher P. Salm is CEO and the founder of Salm Partners, LLC and Ab E Discovery, LLC.

    After earning a B.S. degree in Meat and Animal Sciences at UW Madison and M.S. and PhD degrees from Purdue University, Chris spent 23+ years working in a variety of functions for major brand marketing companies in the meat industry, notably Oscar Mayer, Johnsonville Sausage, and ConAgra Foods.

  • Dr. Jordan Sand, Ph.D.

    Jordan Sand is a co-inventor and co-founder of Ab E Discovery LLC.

    Jordan has published 17 papers (bibliography) and 11+ patents (Link) based on this and other technologies. In January of 2016 Jordan started working full-time for Ab E Discovery as the Chief Technology Officer. Jordan has been married for 6+ years to Laurie and have 3 children together. Jordan and Laurie are both active in the church, both sing in the choir and teach Sunday school.

  • Dr. Donald Burge, Ph.D.

    Donald L. Burge, Jr. is the Vice President of Customer Service for Ab E Discovery, LLC.

    Dr. Burge joined the Ab E Discovery team in July 2016. He has extensive experience within and outside the poultry industry. Dr. Burge previously held R&D and/or Quality Assurance positions totaling 25 years at OK Foods, ConAgra, Cargill, Wayne Farms, and GNP Company within the poultry industry.

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