Characterisation of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) from Eimeria species infectious to chickens

MIF Variation Macrophage migratory inhibition factor (MIF) is a highly conserved protein. Analogs have now be identified from single celled organisms to humans. MIF was first identified in 1966 for its ability to stop macrophage migration (David JR 1966). MIF is now known to be important in both innate and adaptive immunity. MIF seems toRead more

Recent Insights into Microbial Triggers of IL-10 Production in the host and the impact on infectious disease pathogenesis

IL-10 Upregulation IL-10 is a potent anti-inflammatory cytokine important in the resolution of infection. IL-10 helps to moderate excessive inflammation associated with microbial infections and tips the balance of the immune response towards TH2. However, IL-10 has been shown to be a critical component of many bacterial, viral, and protozoan infection strategies. Duell et al.Read more